Saturday, April 16, 2011

Original Pressed Flower Art

I love creating pressed flower art. I gather, press and dry garden and wild flowers, then create all kinds of pictures with either the whole flowers or petals. It is an approximate 12 hr project from start to finish.

Once the original is done I scan it to my computer and then print a copy from the original, since the original looses brilliance

I have sold quite a few and given away many as gifts. I used to mat and fram them myself, but the concern of damage during shipping made me decide to offer them unframed and the individual can mat and frame them as they choose. Here are some examples of the unframed pictures.  I sell the unframed print with an added favorite picture, scripture or quote for $19.95 including shipping .


Charu Sree Harsha said...

the flowers are picture perfect, u are a naturalist , with an eye for detail and perfection. your work is amazing and also inspiring..c

Charlene said...

I have not been on my blog since I have been ill for two years. I just now saw you comment and wanted to thank you for your kind words. I have seen some pressed flower work of oriental people and found them lovely and inspiring.

RG said...

I am so impressed with your artist work Charlene. Absolutely beautiful and so refreshing. Thank you for sharing this website with me...

Rhoda Galgiani, Poet
Expressions Poetry Journal

Karen O'Leary said...

Your creativity shines in many ways Charlene. I saw your site listed on a poem at Whispers today. Enjoyed visiting!